Raspberry PI + Multiple Cameras

Recently I found about 360 birds eye view for cars:

These systems are used for parking so I decided to try build my own version. The idea of having a RPI inside my car is not new, I just bought 8 ultrasonic sensors to build a surround live object detection (I hate the simple and old reverse system you can buy) and I think having cameras around the card will eventually give me the opportunity to add Computer Vision to this.

So the first thing I had to solve was getting 4 170º cameras (these) available to the Raspberry Pi. Since the cameras are analog, digitalizing the feed is a complex process, so the first option was to get a EzCap to get the RCA video to USB. The problem is we need 4 simultaneous cameras and having that many EzCap is expensive and pretty much not possible with a single Rasp.

If one raspberry is not enough I could have 4, connected together through a local network and pre-process each camera feed, again, this is way too expensive and complex if I want to get this system in another car.

The solution I found was to buy a DVR that already supports 4CH (4 cameras / channels) and have some kind of access through network, then, only wan raspberry is needed (to provide the local network via LAN) and I can easily get the feed from 4 cameras using the DVR Onvif (or other protocol). This is not only cheaper but also adds the possibility to record all cameras in a HDD for extra security.

You can get a DVR for as low as $29 + 4×170º front view, non reverse and IR light cameras at $18 each + Raspberry Pi 3 $40, this seems like a good deal to me.

This is it for now, come later to see each step of the process.

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